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The OmO Restaurant was founded in 2005. by the Butorovic family and after a long journey over these past years it has finally returned HOME!!

We are located in the marina Vlaska and you can reach us by sea, an easy walk from the center or by taking the local detour road that leads you to the door of the restaurant. If it is possible, there is always the option of picking up the guests by boat or by car (negotiable).

The terrace is overlooking the sea, the promenade and the beautiful bay. View of the sea, sails and masts is relaxing, just as it should be when a person is on vacation and in good company. A wonderful barbecue offers an additional intimate note to the restaurant, which is the hand-work of our granpa Tonko - Omo. The restaurant's terraces are dominated by Dalmatian stone which gets warmth from old olive tree and rich garden. The restaurant's interior is comfortable and air-conditioned.

Omo Restaurant offers on daily basis - dalmatian & house specialities!

Restaurant Offer

We offer first-class meat and fish dishes, ... specialties and delicacies on a daily basis. You can taste some dishes typical of our region ... fish and meat dishes .... roasted on an outdoor grill ... something for vegetarians (grilled vegetables, pasta, risotto ...)

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