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Desert Blaca

Distance: 18,9km

Renaissance building, partially perished in a fire in 1724, rebuilt and expanded according to baroque models during the 17th and 18th centuries and at that time the bell tower was built. Bishop of Hvar and Brac, having considered the request of the hermits, gave them permission "to build and make a desert, and in it live, pray, do penance and to sanctify (...)". In their ranks they could receive who they wanted, without interference from any church or secular institutions. Its members were the priests and common people that after a certain time were raised to the level of the brothers.

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Zlatni Rat - Bol

Distance: 38km

The surrounding waters are usually cool and clear, due to the current in the Hvar Channel. The current is mildly hazardous for swimmers who venture far southwards from the tip towards the open sea, as it could be difficult to swim back west towards the beach (the swimmer being well over 150 metres (500 ft) from the coast); the danger is not severe, however, as the standard current would carry the swimmer back east towards the harbor of Bol (and the beaches on the promontory of land that lies between Zlatni Rat and the town). A reliable afternoon westerly wind known as a Maestral has made the beach a destination for windsurfers.

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Island of Galešnjak

Distance: 248km

Galešnjak (also called Island of Love, Lover's Island, Otok za zaljubljene) is located in the Pašman channel of the Adriatic, between the islands of Pašman and the town of Turanj on mainland Croatia. It is one of the world's few naturally occurring heart-shaped objects such as the Heart Reef in the Whitsundays. The island has a surface area of 0.132 km2, with its beach measuring 1.55 km in length. The island features two peaks, the highest of which is 36 m high above sea level. Galešnjak is privately owned and contains only wild plants and trees. Human activity recorded on this island are three known Illyrian burial mounds and remains of an ancient building's foundations. The island's unusual shape was first recorded in the early 19th century by Napoleon's cartographer.

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Pulling of Mrduja island

Distance: 4km

Mrduja is a small island in Splitska vrata - a maritime route, between Brac and Solta. The nearest village is Milna on Brac, about 1 kilometer east. The local name is Mrduja but people from Komiža and Hvar call it Marduja. Around the island a sailling boat race is held annualy. A related and humorous legend of argument between people from Brac and Solta is told through years. Brac residents and the ones from Solta were arguing to whom Mrduja really belongs, so they both tied it with rope and started pulling from either side. Following the example of the legend, the first time on 9th August 2008. the competition was held under the name "Pulling Mrduja" between crew from Milna (Brac) and crew from Stomorska (Solta). Singer from Hvar Gego has written a song describing this island rivalry on the track "Mrduja".

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Underwater Caves - Diving attractions

Distance: Many nearby locations

The island of Brac is rich in dive sites such as the beautiful caves in Lučice, a series of wrecks that are now home to many residents of the blue depths, archaeological sites, many underwater walls and others.

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Shipwreck - diving

Distance: Many nearby locations

East of the island of Mrduja, at a depth of 40 m is the wreck of the ship "Meje". The ship, length 30 m, is lying on the sand while the bow of the ship is at a depth of 47 m. Diving is possible through the cabin section. In the vicinity of the ship, there is a wall at a depth of 25 meters which can be visited on the return from the wreck. Due to the depth at which it lies, technical diving using gas mixtures is recommended.

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Blue cave - Island of Vis

Distance: Vis

First described and painted by Baron Eugen von Ransonet, the cave was originally accessible only by diving as it had one natural entrance below the sea level. Based on his suggestion, an artificial entrance large enough for small boats was built in 1884. The natural entrance to the cave, located on its southern side, is said to resemble a vault on the ceiling of a grotto. It is through this submarine-like opening on the ceiling of the cave that sunlight gets in and creates an iridescent blue glowing effect all around the cave. Depending on the season, the ideal moment to visit the cave is between 11 AM and 12 noon. At this time of day the sunlight reflects through the water coming from the white floor of the cave and bathes the grotto in aquamarine light, while objects in the water appear to be silver.

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The monk seal

Endangered species

The monk seal once inhabited the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and parts of the Atlantic coast in the south to the Cape Verde Islands and the west to Madeira.Over time, a variety of reasons led to a dramatic decline in population numbers. It has previously been mainly a victim to commercial hunting (especially at the time of the Roman Empire and in the Middle Ages). In the 20th century fishermen perceived it as competition and believed that they damage the fishing nets, also a major problem for the monk seal was the urbanization of the coast. During the 1990s a research was conducted in the habitats in caves around the island of St. Andrew, Biševo and Jabuka, which were once home to monk seals.

Protected species in the Adriatic

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Seahorse (Hippocampus sp.)

Endangered species in the Adriatic. This good-natured and gentle sea creature is very easy prey for divers who do not realize that living beings are not souvenirs. Do not support the killing of sea horses by buying dried specimens from souvenir vendors!

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The noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis)

This shell, protected in the Adriatic region, inhabits the sandy bottom. It is a common resident of seagrass meadows, eelgrass. With the development of tourism its habitats are suddenly sparse mostly because shells are used for making ornaments and as a souvenir. The removal of shells and placing them on sale is forbidden!

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Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Dolphins are species whose survival is endangered by human activities at sea, overfishing and pollution. Dolphins identify and catch prey with the help of sound, communicate and orient themselves by creating an acoustic map of the zone in which they move. Most of the sounds produced by boats, in particular sounds of propellers, overlap with the frequencies used by the dolphins. Because of this they sometimes leave their favorite feeding spots where they are staying with their young, and it is known, also, that this noise causes them stress. Dolphins may not be chased by the vessel and the vessels must not be directed straight to them. Approaching the dolphins must be done very slowly, keeping parallel to their direction of travel and avoiding sudden changes of direction and noise.

The stork Malena's love story

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Stork Malena

Distance: Slavonski Brod

Every spring the male stork Klepetan returns to his female companion with the broken wing, named Malena - the only one from this region who can not travel to the south but patiently awaits the return of her love. For already 14 years they are raising their young on the roof of the house near Slavonski Brod, all thanks to Mr. Stjepan Vokić, a great lover of nature and animals, who takes care of Malena every day to help her survive the winter and welcome her companion Klepetan healthy and well. And when they hatch their young storks, Mr. Vokić goes fishing providing them with 10 kilograms of live fish every day because Malena can not feed them by herself.

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